Illumio’s adaptive segmentation capabilities lets organizations understand and protect their computing assets in minutes, across a range of formats in both data centers and public clouds. 

The result? Faster time to segmenting high-value assets from bad actors, all while reducing the complexity and cost of traditional infrastructure approaches. 

With a patented, software-only architecture, the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)TM provides the new foundation for data center and cloud security by offering a range of segmentation options, including micro-segmentation, and the following highlights:

  • Adaptive segmentation that continuously adjusts to changes in the application environment in real time to keep segmentation enforcement intact. Illumio adaptive segmentation includes coarse-grained segmentation, micro-segmentation, nano-segmentation, and user-segmentation. 
  • Coordinated enforcement of adaptive segmentation policy in the workload, network, and through cloud security controls.
  • Live visibility of applications, their components, and traffic flows across all environments, including private data centers and public and hybrid clouds.
  • No dependency on the underlying infrastructure to support new or existing environments with bare-metal, virtualization, or containers on premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid deployments.
  • Auto-discovery and segmentation policy recommendations or the ability for administrators to define declarative, natural language segmentation policies.
  • Modeling of policy to understand policy impact to the application environment without breaking application functionality.